Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 7 February 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Waltari Postrock Global Rock Metalville
2 Jakob Mind 7 Days The One Who Got Away Lövely
3 4 Zimmer Küche Bad Nicht schon wieder aufstehen Lasst Liebe regieren FBP
4 George Korein and the Spleen When The World Gets Out Of Prison When The World Gets Out Of Prison (EP) (self-released)
5 Seed Husk Skin Triangle (EP) Secret Entertainment
6 Moaan Exis Divine Automation Necessary Violences Atypeek
7 Scarred Merry-Go-Round Scarred Klonosphere
8 Juggernaut We Built This City La Bestia (self-released)
9 Necronomicon Pain The Final Chapter El Puerto
10 Terrordome Possessed By Blyat Straight Outta Smogdown Selfmade God
11 Slabber Insane Attack Apocryphal Diary Punishment 18
12 The Veith Ricardo Project Running Away Storm Warning Pure Steel
13 Scepter Of Eligos Reabsorbed Inverted Illusions (EP) (self-released)
14 Spelljammer Abyssal Trip Abyssal Trip Riding Easy
15 Sullen Guest Footprints Chapter III (self-released)
16 Monolord I'm Staying Home I'm Staying Home (Single) Relapse
17 Entheogen Fade In Other World (self-released)
18 Entheogen Of Remembrance Other World (self-released)
19 Entheogen Disintegration Other World (self-released)