Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 21 February 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Queen Of Fucking Everything Fuctifano Arising Empire
2 Andrew W.K. Babalon Babalon (Single) Napalm
3 Trollfest Happy Heroes Happy Heroes (EP) Napalm
4 Sumo Cyco Bystander Initiation Napalm
5 Toska Fall It Falls Apart It Falls Apart (EP) White Russian
6 Mädhouse Tourette Brunette Bad Habits Rock Of Angels
7 Hongo Fuu Frégoli Fuu Sliptrick
8 Bend The Future Lost In Time Without Notice Tonzonen
9 Coldun Grand Sun Ritual Grand Sun Ritual (self-released)
10 Marianas Rest Glow From The Edge Fata Morgana Napalm
11 Wheel Hero Of The Weak Preserved In Time Cruz Del Sur
12 Helestios Back To Where It Starts Your Pain Tastes Good (self-released)
13 Necro Weasel Racist Scum Isolated And Incompetent (EP) (self-released)
14 Hallucination Hallucinations Hallucination (EP) Sentient Ruin
15 Monarch Shred Or Die! Future Shock (self-released)
16 Mirizion Nothing Left To See Shrinking Violet M & O
17 Aziola Cry Hollow Reflections The Ironic Divide Sensory
18 Señor Karōshi German Hengst Krise (EP) Disentertainment
19 Señor Karōshi Alphatier Krise (EP) Disentertainment
20 Señor Karōshi Wasted On The Young (Elektroversion) Krise (EP) Disentertainment


Señor Karōshi