Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 28 February 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pestifer Ominous Wanderers Expanding Oblivion Xenokorp
2 Godagainst Chains Of Pestilence Death Domination Australis
3 Solstice The Altruist Casting The Die Emanzipation
4 Immortal Sÿnn Denver Nights Force Of Habit (self-released)
5 Suck Hell And Heaven Hell And Heaven (Single) La Pochette Surprise
6 Nightfyre Lady In Black Shattered Lands (EP) This Charming Man
7 On Atlas' Shoulders Age Of Fire Hyperion (self-released)
8 Aeonblack Specter In Black The Time Will Come Black Sunset
9 Upon Shadows Vanity's Bonfire Modern Obscurantism Ground Media
10 Grillijono K.O. Mä Oon Sun Koira Napalmia Korville Inverse / Secret Entertainment
11 Hot Breath Right Time Rubbery Lips The Sign
12 Warish Another No One Next To Pay The Sign
13 Peter Muffin Die Menschen müssen netter zueinander sein & eig. weniger Fleisch essen (feat. Lackmann) Dose Scheiße Butzen
14 Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room feat. Oddateee Timeline Woke (EP) Atypeek / Solium
15 Kaschalot Beacons Zenith (EP) Atypeek / Stargazed
16 Fange Tombé pour la France Pantocrator Throatruiner
17 Thulcandra Fallen Angel's Dominion Fallen Angel's Dominion Napalm
18 Scarred Chupacabra Scarred Klonosphère
19 Scarred A.D...Something Scarred Klonosphère
20 Scarred Dance Of The Giants Scarred Klonosphère