Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 9 May 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Basement Torture Killings The League Of Extraordinary Killers Lessons In Murder Bizarre Leprous
2 Stench Collector Eye Sockets Maggots Effluvatorium Du Jour (EP) Redefining Darkness
3 Decoherence The Wait System I Sentient Ruin
4 Amenra De Evenmens De Evenmens Relapse
5 Feradur Crest Of Betrayal Parakosm (EP) (self-released)
6 Ravager Planet Hate The Third Attack Iron Shield
7 Tragedy You're The One That I Want Disco Balls To The Wall Napalm
8 Rhapsody Of Fire I'll Be Your Hero I'll Be Your Hero AFM
9 Nanowar Of Steel Der Fluch des Kapt'n Iglo Italian Folk Metal Napalm
10 Midnight Sorrow Glorious Pick A Tale M & O
11 Penelope Constant Overload Constant Overload (Single) RVP
12 Pharaoh Ride Us To Hell The Powers That Be Cruz Del Sur
13 Terravoid Reaching The Unexplored Ectogenesis (EP) Liminal Spaces
14 Kayak Out Of This World Out Of This World InsideOut
15 Neumatic Parlo Nicolas Winding Refn Random Toaster Unique
16 Linn Koch-Emmery No Place For You Being The Girl Boy Tears
17 Hans Hjelm Woods Factory Reset Kungens Ljud & Bild
18 Eleventh Dream Day A Case To Carry On Since Grazed Comedy Minus One
19 Nobody's Cult Nothing On Me Nothing On Me (Single) Monstre Sonore
20 Nobody's Cult Feel Blue Feel Blue (Single) Monstre Sonore
21 Nobody's Cult Freak Out Freak Out (Single) Monstre Sonore


Nobody's Cult