Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 30 May 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Poltergeist Time At Hand Feather Of Truth Massacre
2 All Wasted Towards The End Burn With Me Wormholedeath
3 Ramchat Ľadová pláň Znelo lesom HladoHlas
4 Black Ceremonial Kult Chariot Of The Sphinxes Crowned In Chaos (EP) Godz Ov War
5 Gnosis Conjuration Of The Nemesis Omens From The Dead Realm Godz Ov War
6 Necrochaos Word Of God Mortal Angels Descent Godz Ov War
7 Tom Thumb Cumming Out Of The Closet Licence To Spill (self-released)
8 Tombstoner Sledgehammer Victims Of Vile Torture Redefining Darkness
9 GoreThrone Acid Bath The Descension (EP) (self-released)
10 Wormwood The Archive Artivet Black Lodge
11 Zeal & Ardor Run Run (Single) Redacted
12 L'Alba Di Morrigan I'm Lucifer I'm Gold, I'm God My Kingdom
13 Hammers Of Misortune An Oath Sworn In Hell The Bastard (Re-Release) Cruz Del Sur
14 Dee Snider I Gotta Rock (Again) Leave A Scar Napalm
15 Gasoline Guns Bourbon Burns Motor Cult Mythrone
16 Necro Weasel Do You Tolerate This? Another Day To Waste (self-released)
17 Deadwolff Pedal To The Metal Deadwolff (EP) Metal Assault
18 Stormwind Touch The Flames Rising Symphony (Re-Release) Black Lodge
19 Slaves To Fashion The Priest Of Maidenhead The History Of Heavy Metal (self-released)
20 Slaves To Fashion Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll The History Of Heavy Metal (self-released)
21 Slaves To Fashion Thrash Of The Titans The History Of Heavy Metal (self-released)


Slaves To Fashion