Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 20 June 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Neptune Power Federation Long Live Rock'n'Roll Can You Dig (Europe 2020) (EP) Cruz Del Sur
2 Véronique de la Chanson Nachtschattenblau Split-EP (with Kato Nigra) Sumo Rex
3 Kato Nigra Sand in Sicht Split-EP (with Véronique de la Chanson) Sumo Rex
4 4 Zimmer Küche Bad Nicht schon wieder aufstehen Lasst Liebe regieren Alterbreed
5 Marta Gabriel Metal Queen Metal Queens Listenable
6 Kiko Shred's Rebellion Mirror Rebellion Pure Steel
7 Images Of Eden Angel Born Angel Born Pavement
8 Scald Night Sky Will Of The Gods Is Great Power (Re-Release 1997) High Roller
9 Grey Skies Fallen Cold Dead Lands Cold Dead Lands Paragon / Grimm / More Hate
10 Tragedy And Triumph Five Arrows Where Mountains Rise And Hearts Fall Black Sunset
11 Ex Deo Imperator The Thirteen Years Of Nero Napalm
12 Apogean Chrono Into Madness (EP) (self-released)
13 Death Reich Death Camp Death Camp (EP) Non Serviam
14 Gore Dimension Roots Of Unmerciful Ethereal Realm Coyote
15 Schismopathic Faithful Slaves Of The System The Human Legacy Selfmadegod
16 Vriess The Curse Vriess (EP) Xenokorp
17 Tristwood Dystopia et Disturbia Dystopia et Disturbia MMXXI (Re-Release 2010) (self-released)
18 Angel Martyr Forgotten Metal Nothing Louder Than Silence Iron Shield
19 Vokonis Rebellion Odyssey The Sign
20 Vokonis Blackened Wings Odyssey The Sign
21 Vokonis Azure Odyssey The Sign