Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 27 June 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Unfleshed Covered In Shit, Drowned In Piss Twisted Path To Mutilation Larvae
2 Mordkaul A Swarm Of Illusions Dress Code: Blood Wormholedeath
3 Cruentus Slain Night Embrace Me (self-released)
4 Septagon Garden Of Madness We Only Die Once Massacre
5 Pit Of Doom Constructors Despairity (self-released)
6 Bloodrust Hunters Of The Night Burning Of Aeons (self-released)
7 Demonia Mundi Hieros Gamos In Grembo Mater... Cult Of Parthenope
8 Eye Ardjuna Wonders Doomed & Stoned In Russia (Volume 1) Doomed & Stoned
9 Exmortem Berzerker Legions Berzerker Legions (Re-Release) Emanzipation
10 Thorium Exquisite Empires Of The Sun Freya
11 Bestia Ater Emma O Anno Bestia Chrysallis (self-released)
12 Antrisch Aufbruchsignale Expedition I: Dissonanzgrat (EP) (self-released)
13 Watching Tides Stranger Friend We’ve Been So Close // Yet So Alone This Charming Man
14 Yagow Rise & Shine The Mess Crazysane
15 Year Of No Light Interdit aux Vivants, aux Morts et aux Chiens Consolamentum Pelagic
16 Trauma The Godless Abyss Acrimony (EP) Selfmadegod
17 Killing Addiction As Utopia Burns Mind Of A New God Xtreem
18 Lucifer's Hammer The Forest Of Tar Tac The Trip Cruz Del Sur
19 Vulture Lord Bloodbound Militia Desecration Rite Odium
20 Blurr Thrower Cachot Les Voûtes Les Acteurs de l'Ombre


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