Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 18 July 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 A Sound Of Thunder Queen Of Hell Parallel Eternity (self-released)
2 Attick Demons The Flame Of Eternal Knowledge Atlantis: 10th Anniversary Edition (Re-Release 2011) Rock Of Angels
3 Brainstorm Where Ravens Fly Wall Of Skulls AFM
4 Bloodphemy House Of Souls Blood Sacrifice Emanzipation
5 Zlurad Ritual 2 Ritual (EP) Addicted
6 George Korein and the Spleen Vaccine Queen No Content Required (self-released)
7 Edredon Sensible Frcx Prout Vloute Panthère Les Productions du Vendredi
8 De Press Kic Me Rusia Block To Block (Re-Release 1981) Apollon
9 De Press Passages Product (Re-Release 1982) Apollon
10 Sons Of Alpha Centaury Get The Guns Push Exile On Mainstream
11 Sea Mosquito Fire, Magic & Venom Fire, Magic & Venom (EP) Onism
12 Glasgow Coma Scale Sirens Sirens Tonzonen
13 What Aleph Said Aorta Aeonia Fluttery
14 LLNN Imperial Unmaker Pelagic
15 Nephila White Bones Nephila The Sign
16 Plant My Bones The Scheme Stage 1.0 (EP) Inverse
17 Linn Koch-Emmery Hologram Love Being The Girl Boy Tears
18 Linn Koch-Emmery Dirty Words Being The Girl Boy Tears
19 Linn Koch-Emmery No Place For You Being The Girl Boy Tears


Linn Koch-Emmery