Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 3 October 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Soeckers Schlaf bei mir Kopfkarussel Chateau Lala / La Pochette
2 K.I.Z Danke Merkel Danke Merkel (Single) K.I.Z & Eklat
3 Shun Midnight Blue Songs From The Centrifuge This Charming Man
4 Burial Dance At What Cost Structures (EP) Moment Of Collapse
5 Kavrila Nebula Mor Narshardaa
6 Dying Hydra Species Adrift Of Lowly Origin Narshardaa
7 Lordi Abracadaver Lordiversity AFM
8 Shock Wave Never Unplugged Force Ethics Xtreem
9 Myndsnare Conditioned: Human Conditioned: Human (Re-Release 2008) Subcontinental
10 Nothing Exists The Descent A Creature And Creation (self-released)
11 Noutaja Born Unto Hawthorns Never Meant To Save Us (EP) Inverse
12 Profane Desecration Forest Graves Abysmal Stillness Godz Ov War
13 Putrevore With Tentacles Adorned Miasmal Monstrosity Xtreem
14 Dead Receive My Golden Shower You'll Never Know Pleasure (Re-Release 1995) Xenokorp
15 Putrid Offal Purulent Cold Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues (Re-Release 2015) Xenokorp
16 Trashcan Dance Chemtrails Beso Negro (EP) Sleaszy Rider
17 Thrash La Reine Au chant de l'alouette Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer Bam & Co.
18 Iku-Turso Wolf And The Night At The Crack Of Dawn (EP) Korpituli
19 Anima Hereticae Ov Behest Ov Behest (EP) My Fate
20 Kryptos Raging Steel Force Of Danger AFM
21 Kryptos Dawnbreakers Force Of Danger AFM
22 Kryptos Nighthawk Force Of Danger AFM