Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 31 October 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Leviathan Someone Else's Art Words Waging War Stonefellowship
2 Ashes Of Ares Throne Of Iniquity Emperors And Fools Rock Of Angels
3 Psychoprism Struggle R.I.S.E. Pure Steel
4 Custard Children Of The Wolf Imperium Rapax Pure Steel
5 Artaban's Redemption Obsolete Tech Broken Puppets (EP) Demons
6 Amoth The Man Who Watches The World Burn The Hour Of The Wolf Rockshots
7 Curse Of Denial Variant The Reckoning (EP) Redefining Darkness
8 Poison Boys Little Speedway Girl Don't You Turn On Me Riot
9 Who Saves The Hero Closure Closure (Single) Lost Music Collective
10 Your Mum Tropical Fuzz Tropical Fuzz (Single) M & O
11 Randale Die Nachtfalterin Die Nachtfalterin (Single) Newtone
12 Pirate Granddaddy Longlegs Pirate (Re-Release 2008) (EP) Bird's Robe
13 Brom & Toshinori Kondo The Sea Is Rough (One) The Sea Is Rough (Single) Addicted
14 Zmarłym #zostanwgrobie Druga Fala Godz Ov War
15 Signs Of The Dying Summer Oto Jest Pustka VI Oto Jest Pustka Godz Ov War
16 Cień Liberation Bliss Redemption Godz Ov War
17 Burning Point Blast In The Past Arsonist Of The Soul AFM
18 Ex Deo Imperator The Thirteen Years Of Nero Napalm
19 Ex Deo The Head Of The Snake The Thirteen Years Of Nero Napalm
20 Ex Deo The Fall Of Claudius The Thirteen Years Of Nero Napalm


Ex Deo