Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 7 November 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Le Grand Sbam Choon Choon Furvent Dur et Doux
2 Rioghan Lonely Tears In Chinatown Covers II (EP) Inverse
3 Ben Blutzukker feat. Planlos Ohne Dich (schlaf' ich heut Nacht nicht ein) Ohne dich (Single) (self-released)
4 Artach Countess Bathory Countess Bathory (Single) (self-released)
5 Skat Injector All Tomorrow's Genocides Bled Under A Burning Sky Slime City
6 Corpus Diavolis The Dissolution And Eternal Extasy In The Embrace Of Satan Apocatastase Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
7 Redemptor Potion Of The Skies Agonia Selfmadegod
8 The Virulent They Live Sentenced To Death (self-released)
9 Jackal's Backbone Evade The Throes Red Mist Descending (self-released)
10 Exes For Eyes The End Of Summer The End Of Summer (Single) (self-released)
11 Molybaron Amongst The Boys And The Dead Flowers The Mutiny InsideOut
12 Moron Police Waiting For Wastelands The Stranger And The Hightide (EP) Mighty Jam
13 Jethro Tull Shoshana Sleeping The Zealot Gene InsideOut
14 Komodor Just An Escape Nasty Habits Soulseller
15 Slowshine Living Light Living Light The Lasting Dose
16 Course For Chaos Ein letzter Tag Widerstand! (self-released)
17 Course For Chaos Ausbruch Widerstand! (self-released)
18 Course For Chaos Abschied Widerstand! (self-released)


Course For Chaos