Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 5 December 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Needlepoint Rules Of A Mad Man Walking Up That Valley Stickman
2 Detieti Milky Squid Serious IV Addicted
3 EinsEinsEins Gasetagenheizung Zwei Tonzonen
4 Yur Mum Tropical Fuzz Tropical Fuzz M & O
5 Deap Vally I Like Crime Marriage Cooking Vinyl
6 Feed The Sharks Waste Feed The Sharks (EP) M & O
7 Half Me Trauma Culture Trauma Culture (Single) Arising Empire
8 Burned In Effigy Nightfall Rex Mortem (self-released)
9 Oshiego Clerics Of Corruption Jaljalut Seven Kings
10 Nihility Martyrdom For The Herd Beyond Human Concepts Vicious Instinct
11 Hegeroth With Adoration Sacra Doctrina (self-released)
12 Hell's Coronation Mephistophelic Baptism Silver Knife Mysticism (EP) Godz Ov War
13 Black Blood Of The Earth Grey Cobweb Veil Bleak Light, Fervent Dark Art Of The Night
14 Weaponry The Oozer Everwinding Slaughter Xtreem
15 Voraath Siren Head Siren Head (Single) (self-released)
16 Blacklore Blood In The Sea Legend Of The Lich Pirate I. (self-released)
17 Apostle Of Solitude The Union Until The Darkness Goes Cruz Del Sur
18 Noutaja Born Unto Hawthorns Never Meant To Save Us (EP) Inverse
19 Noutaja Taller Walls And Stronger Cages Never Meant To Save Us (EP) Inverse
20 Noutaja Sentimental Vultures Never Meant To Save Us (EP) Inverse