Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 26 December 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Cult Of Scarecrow Sacrosanct Men Tales Of The Sacrosanct Man Wormholedeath
2 Black Mass A Path Beyond Feast At The Forbidden Tree Redefining Darkness
3 Fleshtorture Blasfemando En El Trono De Dios Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad Brute!
4 HellAndBack Disobeying The God A Thousand Years Pure Steel
5 Sorceress Of Sin Realms Of Elysium Constantine (self-released)
6 Manimal Armageddon Armageddon AFM
7 Nidhoeggr Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom (Vengaboys cover) Eurodance: The Metal Way Antichrist Magazine
8 ToxicRose Outta Time In For The Kill Crusader / Golden Robot
9 Inner Code Bu(io) Nuovi Incubi Sliptrick
10 Ignea / Ersedu Mermaids Bestia (self-released)
11 Tower Blood Moon Shock To The System Cruz Del Sur
12 Crom Into The Glory Land Into The Glory Land (EP) From The Vaults
13 Anakim Infinite Realities The Elysian Void (self-released)
14 Poisoned Speed Speed Will Succeed Live And Greasy / Quick And Dirty Barhill
15 Serpent Lord Cursed Roots Apocrypha From The Vaults
16 Monolord To Each Their Own Your Time To Shine Relapse
17 Bullet-Proof Brainocide Cell XIX Sleaszy Rider
18 The Dark Horde Victim The Calling (self-released)
19 Phobetor Solace In Darkness Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds Black Jasper
20 3xperimental Dimorphos Dimorphos (Single) (self-released)
21 Svartalfar Omen Geisterwerk Pesttanz Klangschmiede
22 Caveat Infinite Alchemy (self-released)


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