Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 23 January 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Årabrot The Lie Norwegian Gothic Pelagic
2 Lazy Queen Alcohol A Human Reaction Icons Creating Evil Art
3 Para Lia My Muse Gone With The Flow (self-released)
4 Leon Patriz David Bowie In Hollywood Gravity Season Ur Audio Visual
5 Damokles Carry Or Crush Nights Come Alive Vinter
6 Closure In Moscow The Church Of The Technochrist Pink Lemonade (Re-Release 2014) Bird's Robe
7 And Harmony Dies Life Xar Ballast Club Inferno
8 Atrium Noctis Zerberons Erwachen Atrium Noctis (self-released)
9 Agathodaimon Ain't Death Grand The Seven Napalm
10 Dead Tree Seeds 1796 Back To The Seeds (EP) Music-Records
11 Chemicide False Democracy Common Sense RipRide
12 Desultory Into Eternity Into Eternity (Re-Release 1993) MDD
13 Savage Grace Bound To Be Free Master Of Disguise (Re-Release 1985) Hammerheart
14 Savage Grace We Came, We Saw, We Conquered After The Fall From Grace (Re-Release 1986) Hammerheart
15 Vanderlust Scavengers Of Kuiper Belt Vanderlust Rockshots
16 Harmdaud Vägens Slut Blinda Dödens Barn Vegvisir
17 Persona Animals Animal (self-released)
18 Persona Hurricane Animal (self-released)
19 Persona Shadows Animal (self-released)