Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 6 February 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Spelljammer Lake Abyssal Trip Riding Easy
2 Swarm Chain Codex Gigas Looming Darkness Punishment18
3 Smith & Swanson No Colors Smith & Swanson No Remorse
4 Kryptograf Asphodel The Eldorado Spell Apollon
5 Jethro Tull Shoshana Sleeping The Zealot Gene InsideOut
6 Ottone Pesante Carne Marcia ...And The Black Bells Rang Aural Music
7 Bittter Payable Till Death Sad Songs For Happy People (self-released)
8 Axids Axid Queen Kids With An Axe Squirrel
9 BillyBio One Life To Live Leaders And Liars AFM
10 Hyperia Experiment 77 Silhouettes Of Horror (self-released)
11 Confidential Devil Inside Devil Inside Massacre
12 Magic-O-Metal Children Of Hope Loud And Proud (self-released)
13 Månegarm Ynglingaättens öde Ulvhjärtat Napalm
14 Cloakroom Lost Meaning Dissolution Wave Relapse
15 Warrior Soul We're Alive Out On Bail Livewire / Cargo
16 The Human Tornado Dreamland Love Is Démodé Rockshots
17 Skubut Boiling Point Melancholic Wave
18 Shun Centrifuge Songs From The Centrifuge This Charming Man
19 Shun Dreaming In Color Songs From The Centrifuge This Charming Man
20 Shun RPM Songs From The Centrifuge This Charming Man