Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 13 February 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Metal De Facto Whenever, Wherever Legionnaires' Oaths (EP) Rockshots
2 Santa Oscuridad Bandera Negra II (EP) (Re-Release 2020) (self-released)
3 ScreamKing Reign Of Hellfire Thee Indomitable Spirit (self-released)
4 Eyes Of The Living Hell To Pay Fear Comes Knocking Blood Blast
5 Lesson In Violence Thrash Metal Mankind The Thrashfall Of Mankind Iron Shield
6 Solstice To Dust To Dust (Re-Release 2009) Emanzipation
7 Emasculated Vituperation Live Grinding Of The Fetus Rape Trauma Syndrome Brutal Mind / Fat Tub Of Lard
8 Decrapted Bleeding Devourment Bloody Rivers Of Death Xtreem
9 Blazemth The Return Of Lucifer The Return Of Lucifer Xtreem
10 Bo÷tes Void Yule C.O.L.D. Ketzer
11 Idol Of Fear Cheirotonia Trespasser Somnolence
12 Hogstul Tomb Ominous Fragmenta Tuptdalr (self-released)
13 The Legendary Flower Punk Wabi Wu Beatroot 2020 (Re-Release 2020) Tonzonen
14 Sudden Infant Ah-Ah-Ah 1921 Lunatic Asylum Fourth Dimension
15 Gong Wah This Life A Second Tonzonen
16 Sidus Atrum Fading Light Spiral Of Life Kvlt und Kaos
17 Skat Injektor Vanishes Rapidly Bled Under A Burning Sky Slime City
18 Skat Injektor The Future Sound Of Suffering Bled Under A Burning Sky Slime City


Skat Injector