Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 1 May 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Vokonis Blackened Wings Odyssey The Sign
2 Midas Nobody Gets Out Alive Midas No Remorse
3 Mirror Infernal Deceiver The Day Bastard Leaders Die Cruz Del Sur
4 Devil's Train Word Up (Cameo cover) Ashes & Bones Rock Of Angels
5 R.O.T. Kurama (feat. Lucifuge) Yomi No Kuni (self-released)
6 Vāmācāra Alchemical Symbolism Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed Black Sunset
7 Luke Fortini Technical Supremacy Technical Supremacy Lion
8 Patrick Hemer Thorn In My Flesh More Than Meets The Eye (10th Anniversary Edition) Lion
9 Ancesthor Heirs Of The Nitrogen Age Beneath The Mask RipRide
10 Anachronistic Time To Drink 700 And 19 Ways Of Decay (EP) (self-released)
11 Helioss Je suis la voix des muets Contre ma lumière Satanath
12 Kneel Before The Death Depth, Devour Me Memoir (EP) Inverse
13 Se, Josta Ei Puhuta Gehenna Gehenna Inverse
14 Depressed Mode Dissociation Of The Extinguished Mind Decade Of Silence Inverse
15 Winds Of Tragedy Our Time Is Gone As Life Drifts Away Belfry
16 Hiroe Black Mountain Wrought Pelagic
17 Portmonee Entertainment Gesichter ohne Menschen Chateau Lala
18 Portmonee (Kill Me In The) Midnight Sun Gesichter ohne Menschen Chateau Lala
19 Portmonee Küss mich Gesichter ohne Menschen Chateau Lala