Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 8 May 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pharaoh Will We Rise The Powers That Be Cruz Del Sur
2 Seventh Station All Hail The Moustache All Hail The Moustache (Single) (self-released)
3 Brotality Nosedive The Woods Will End You Rottweiler
4 Sleepers' Guilt Posthuman What Remained (self-released)
5 The Damnnation This Pain Won't Last Way Of Perdition Soulseller
6 Corvus Corax ft. Sabina Classen Ragnarök Era Metallum Behßmokum / Tonpool
7 Battlelore Chambers Of Fire The Return Of The Shadow Napalm
8 Ironflame Kingdom Of Lies Where Madness Dwells High Roller
9 Evil Evil Never Dies Book Of Evil From The Vaults
10 Korseld De Sista Att Falla Jordevandring MMXXII Kvlt und Kaos
11 Norilsk Beyond The Horizon Beyond The Mountains (EP) Hypnotic Dirge
12 Tishina Zauvek Uvod... Hypnotic Dirge
13 Obscurcis Romancia Sous l'emprise des ténčbres The Bringer Of Light (self-released)
14 Apostasy Defeating The Speed The Unknown Path (EP) Sentient Ruin
15 Ancestral Sin Demon In The Demagogue Social Hate Speech DanceHard
16 Protector Pandemic Misery Excessive Outburst Of Depravity High Roller
17 Sinsid Headless Grinder In Victory Pitch Black
18 Picture Lady Lightning Crash! Bang! Wallop! Re:
19 S To S I Am A Killer Crash! Bang! Wallop! Re:
20 Crossfire Demon Of Evil Crash! Bang! Wallop! Re:


Vincent Loozen (Crash, Bang, Wallop - Compilation)