Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 5 June 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Nobody's Cult Goodbye Honey Mood Disorders Monstre Sonore / WTPL
2 Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? Troglodyte Main Coone Pop Up
3 Internet Friends Rice Crispies Rice Crispies (Single) Icons Creating Evil Art
4 Deaf Lingo Sleeping Lingonberry Lövely
5 Johnny Casino Love Over Fear 5x7 (The Days Of Wine And Cola) Golden Robot
6 Hardcore Superstar Catch Me If You Can Abrakadabra Golden Robot
7 Ghosts Of Sunset Tonight No Saints In The City Golden Robot
8 Pillaging Villagers Ready To Die Pillaging Villagers (self-released)
9 Heidra Dusk To Hell Or Kingdom Come Mighty
10 Corvus Corax Na láma-sa Era Metallum Behßmokum Records/Tonpool
11 Vanir Dødsfærd Sagas Mighty
12 Hatriot Hymn For The Wicked The Vale Of Shadows Massacre
13 Furnace Under The Command Of Captain Shaw Stellarum MDD
14 Darian And Friends The End Of The Human Race Lost Horizons Cruz Del Sur
15 Gengis Khan Possessed By The Wolf Possessed By The Moon Stormspell
16 The Book Sacrificer Forgotten Art Of Old Rafchild
17 Caeli Marie And Jane Tied Together Pure Steel
18 Graveshadow Gwynnbleidd The Uncertain Hour M-Theory Audio
19 Iron Wings Angel Ritual Of Rage (self-released)
20 Easy Shapes Fistfight Fistfight (Single) (self-released)
21 The Heretic Order Children Of The Sun III Massacre
22 The Heretic Order King Of The Damned III Massacre
23 The Heretic Order Dark Shadows III Massacre


The Heretic Order