Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 12 June 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Daughters Of Saint Crispin Debt Grief Daughters Of Saint Crispin Phratry / Force Publique
2 Svin Bøn Introducing Svin Tonzonen
3 Entropy Cthulhucene Death Spell (EP) Crazysane
4 Daufødt Knekken Aromaterapi Fysisk Format
5 Evrocult Black Metal ist Krieg Black Metal ist Krieg (Single) (self-released)
6 Cancel The Apocalypse Where Is Soledad Terminus Stairway Inverse
7 Swampborn Sleepingstatic Beyond Ratio Hypnotic Dirge
8 Temple Of Void Deathtouch Summoning The Slayer Relapse
9 Columarium Rivers Of Blood Rivers Of Blood (Single) Dust & Bones
10 Flames Resurgence Resurgence No Remorse
11 Thundermother Watch Out Black & Gold AFM
12 Bring To Bear Time To Burn Time To Burn (Single) (self-released)
13 Härdrocker Speed Motorized Rock'n'Roll Rider Of The Night RipRide
14 The Silverblack Judgment (feat. Burton C. Bell) Judgment darkTunes
15 Bloodrain A Dream Of A Lifetime Bloodrain VI: Resurgam Ketzer
16 Devils Tail I Am The Wolf Desolation Non Serviam
17 Cobra Spell Addicted To The Night Anthems Of The Night (EP) (self-released)
18 Cobra Spell Accelerate Anthems Of The Night (EP) (self-released)
19 Cobra Spell The Midnight Hour Anthems Of The Night (EP) (self-released)


Cobra Spell