Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 November 2001

Band Song Label
1 Apollyon Sun Dweller Mayan
2 Gurkkhas Born On A Day Of War (DIY)
3 Boltrope A Long Walk (DIY)
4 The Last Millenium Suckers Dropdead Gorgeous Winged Skull
5 Fink Hund 2 LADO
6 Student Rick Falling For You Victory
7 Endwise Final Sleep (DIY)
8 Blood Duster Pornstorestiffi Relapse / Suburban
9 Tomahawk Yes Sir Yes Ipecac
10 Slapshot Punks Dead Kingfisher / Suburban
11 Always Outnumbered Just Say The Words Two Friends
12 Ringworm Self-Destruct Victory
13 Ringwurm Man Is My Grave East Bay Menace
14 Cherrywille Ladies And Trends Rental Car Vacation
15 Backyard Babies Brand New Hate BMG
16 Clean State Human Plague (DIY)
17 World/Inferno Friendship Society Hey Peter Lorre Rental Car Vacation
18 Butch & Jean Ike And The Oyster Stew (DIY)
19 Peter Hammill This Side Of The Looking Glass Charisma
20 Einstürzende Neubauten Redukt Mute
21 Brainstorm Blind Suffering Metal Blade
22 Brainstorm Checkmate In Red Metal Blade
23 Brainstorm Cycles Metal Blade




1 CD by Slapshot, courtesy of Suburban

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