Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 December 2001

Band Song Label
1 Disinter That Which Is Owned Morbid
2 Schleimkeim Spitzel Höhnie
3 Terrorgruppe Nazis im Haus Destiny
4 Sandino Rockers La Cuba Deifer
5 Beatsteaks Clean Sheets Epitaph
6 Reno Kid It's Not Unusual Rental Car Vacation
7 Hives Lost And Found Burning Heart
8 Petrograd Next Exit... Wonderland Falling Down
9 Remember Twilight Die Feder (DIY)
10 Bambi Molesters Coastal Disturbance Plastic Bomb
11 Ringworm Madness Of War Victory
12 Lack ? Nova
13 Mastodon Battle At Sea Relapse
14 Forstella Ford Dying On Our Own Terms Flower Violence
15 Godless Wicked Creeps Bad Brains Lucky 7 / Diehard
16 Knarf Rellöm ISM Soulpunk What's So Funny About
17 Peter Hammill Deliberate Fie!
18 Zajedni Insert Coins (DIY)
19 Butch & Jean Uncle Jr's Horse (DIY)
20 La Ruda Salska Carnet d'une égerie Yelen
21 Domine The Hurricane Master Dragonheart
22 Domine The Ride Of The Valkyries Dragonheart



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