Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 January 2002

Band Song Label
1 Anvil Real Metal Massacre
2 Iggy Pop Mask Virgin
3 Burnt By The Sun The Boston Tea-Bag Party Relapse / Suburban
4 Fun People Mantiene Tu Espiritu Con Hunor WC
5 Powerhouse Bullet Proof I Scream
6 D-Fact The War Undone (DIY)
7 Skinflicks Kings Without A Crown Guilty
8 Especimen O.D.I.A. Denver
9 Infidel? / Castro The Act Of Sterilization (DIY)
10 Flamingo Massacres Minor Dance Millipede
11 Cross X XL Extra Large Chicky Girl (DIY)
12 Cucsifae The Last Of The Obediants Deifer
13 Toxkšpp Gudd ChrŽschten Proll's Royce
14 Oxymoron Hit The Road (Again) Knock Out
15 Hawksley Workman Claire Fontaine Universal
16 125 Rue Montmartre Achtmal Lied Swing Deluxe
17 Peter Hammill Time Heals Virgin
18 Make Up At The Tone, The Time Will Be K
19 The Last Millenium Suckers Bored Winged Skull
20 Fabulous Disaster Gia Pink & Black
21 Butch & Jean Ms. Cantouchet 1/2 Off Bikini (DIY)
22 Turbostaat Drei Ecken Ein Elvers Rookie
23 2Ton Predator Turning Point Diehard
24 2Ton Predator Pumpjack Pleasure Diehard


2Ton Predator


2 7"-EPs by Skinflicks, courtesy of Proll's Royce
1 CD by Toxkšpp, courtesy Proll's Royce

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