Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 February 2002

Band Song Label
1 Pale LR 205 Suburban
2 The Thought Industry The Waitress In The Bar Orbiting Io Metal Blade
3 Student Rick South Of Blackford Victory
4 Sick Of Society Louise (DIY)
5 Refused Rather Be Dead Burning Heart
6 Powerhouse What Doesn't Kill Me I Scream
7 Barcode Worldsaviour Hardboiled / Diehard
8 Poshblokes New World Order (DIY)
9 Last Millenium Suckers Dropdead Gorgeous Winged Skull
10 Fleshless Where Mine Resurrection Relapse / Suburban
11 Viu Drakh Death Riff Society Moonstorm
12 Dreaming In Red Braveheart (DIY)
13 Cannibal Corpse Dormant Bodies Bursting Metal Blade
14 Kingprawn Not Your Punk Spitfire
15 Kitshickers The Missing Frame (DIY)
16 Dynamite Dresden Mein Papa ist der Sänger von den Kassierern (DIY)
17 Deluge The Memory Remains Tolerance
18 Butch & Jean Puttin' The Hens To Roost (DIY)
19 Peter Hammill East Pole Fie!
20 Falconer For Life And Liberty Metal Blade
21 Chinchilla War Machine Metal Blade
22 Lack Zur Genealogie des Modernen Menschen Nova Recordings
23 Lack Kill Britney Nova Recordings




1 CD by Last Millenium Suckers, courtesy of Last Millenium Suckers

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