Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 April 2002

Band Song Label
1 Flotsam And Jetsam Camera Eye Metal Blade
2 Killed By Malaise   (DIY)
3 GBH City Baby Attacked By Rats Roadrunner
4 Cherryville The Most Sensational Day Swing DeLuxe
5 Sick Of It All Step Down Fat Wreck
6 Tool Parabola Volcano
7 Carefree The Clown (DIY)
8 Skinflicks We're The Skinflicks Blind Beggar
9 Mass Hysteria La puissance bienvenue Yelen
10 Sonic Youth Renegade Princess Geffen
11 Ghinzu Dolly Fisher Dragoon
12 Sommerset Coming Home Shock
13 Foggy Bottom For My Sister Black Darts
14 Dionysos Longboard Blues Tresor
15 Orwell Toutes les nouvelles parlent d'hier Europop 2000
16 Jason Quero Dormir Em Paz Deifer
17 Luke Je n'éclaire que moi BMG
18 Antiseen   TKO
19 Uncommonmenfrommars Fat Boy Wagram
20 Vomitory Hollow Retribution Metal Blade
21 Vomitory Nailed, Quarted, Consumed Metal Blade
22 Vomitory Rotting Hill Metal Blade



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