Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 28 April 2002

Band Song Label
1 Disbelief Misery Massacre
2 Beyond The Embrace Release Metal Blade
3 Rebellion Letters Of Blood Drakkar
4 Drakkar Razorblade God Dragonheart
5 Mesmerize Off The Beaten Path Dragonheart
6 Rhapsody Agony Is My Name Limb
7 Armored Saint False Alarm Metal Blade
8 Engine Suffocated Metal Blade
9 Barcode Kreuzberg Hustlers Hardboiled / Diehard
10 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deep Throat Trunk
11 Butch & Jean Ain't Convention (DIY)
12 CZD X-Large Maribor
13 Def Dump Siren Song Self-Fulfillment
14 Guttermouth Can I Borrow Some Ambition? Epitaph
15 Grade Ziggy Stardust Victory
16 Beatsteaks Let Me In Epitaph
17 Carefree Corrida (DIY)
18 Kungfu Astronaut Island
19 Peter Hammill Die Tinte verlischt Rockport
20 Burnt By The Sun Dracula With Glasses Relapse / Suburban
21 Falconer Enter The Glade Metal Blade
22 Falconer Lament Of A Minstrel Metal Blade
23 Falconer We Sold Our Homesteads Metal Blade




1 CD by Barcode, courtesy of Hardboiled / Diehard

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