Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 May 2002

Band Song Label
1 No-Lokost Human Flesh Factory (DIY)
2 Complete A Halo In Flames Last Effort
3 Atreyu A Song For The Optimist Victory
4 Lariat Monsanto Last Effort
5 Viu Drakh Peaches And Cream Moonstorm
6 Freebase Septic Hardboiled / Diehard
7 Necrosphere Rotten Games Diehard
8 Kombat I Don't Care Last Effort
9 Tottenkorps Imperator Of The Black Abyss Repulse
10 Vader Revelation Of Black Moses Metal Blade
11 Powergod Massacre Machinery Massacre
12 Demons Of Dirt Demon Blues Hammerheart
13 Petrograd 100 Aker Woods International DIY Network
14 Carefree La Moska (DIY)
15 Red Aim Kneel Down And Blow For Forgiveness Metal Blade
16 Butch & Jean Chevy Fender's Weather And Traffic Report (DIY)
17 Tom Waits God's Away On Business Anti-
18 Mick Thomas And The Sure Thing The Lonely Goth Twah!
19 Tom Waits Alice Anti-
20 Peter Hammill Gated Fie!
21 Undertow Slope Silverdust
22 The Crown Under The Whip Metal Blade
23 The Crown Satanist Metal Blade
24 The Crown Death Metal Holocaust Metal Blade


The Crown

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