Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 May 2002

Band Song Label
1 Fall Silent Sunny Days (Sesame Street) Revelation
2 Schlagloch Blondes Gift (DIY)
3 Lokalmatadore Bremsspurtest Teenage Rebel
4 Stupid Cats   Beau Rivage
5 Welch Disagreement (DIY)
6 Lack Falling From The Peak Of Truth To The Catastrophe Of The Disillusioned Nova
7 Amon Amarth Risen From The Sea Metal Blade
8 Electrolochmann Union Transsolar
9 Vomitory Chaos Fury Metal Blade
10 Fantomas Charade Ipecac
11 Callenish Circle For What's It Good For Metal Blade
12 Bambix Monozygotic Vitaminepillen
13 Sins Of Omission Revolution Black Sun
14 Killed By Malaise   (DIY)
15 Tiger Fernandez Waterfall Own
16 Petrograd Reminder International DIY Network
17 Yaphet Kotto Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love Ebullition
18 Vuur   Day One
19 David Cross Tonk Red Hot
20 Butch & Jean Phone Call For Bobo (DIY)
21 Calexico The Black Light City Slang
22 Torpid Sulo Own
23 Last Millenium Suckers Bite The Bullet Winged Skull
24 End Of Green Motor Silverdust
25 End Of Green Godsick Silverdust
26 End Of Green Only One Silverdust


End Of Green

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