Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 June 2002

Band Song Label
1 Def Dump Siren Song Self-Fulfillment
2 Bloodlet Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees Victory
3 Complete The Genetic Inclination Towards Failure Last Effort
4 Victims Of Society Trying To Be Different Funtime
5 Decapitated Names Earache
6 Beyond The Embrace Bastard Screams Metal Blade
7 Wicked Mystic Toxemia Mausoleum
8 Mercenary Darkspeed Hammerheart
9 Scanner Till The Ferryman Dies Massacre
10 Notwist Pilot City Slang
11 Apoplexy Endanger Your Mind Keep Bleeding
12 Masnada Piquer la poupée Artcore
13 Tagada Jones Assez! Enragés
14 Carefree Come Join The Army!? (DIY)
15 Tiger Fernandez They Should Break Their Mirrors Own
16 Hellmasters Powerhorse (DIY)
17 Butch & Jean Ms. Cantouchet And Butch (DIY)
18 Peter Hammill Gateless Fie!
19 Miss Wyoming Angels Never Lie Frog Sound
20 Phonophobie Disconnect Noiseworks
21 Karate The Halo Of The Strange Southern
22 Karate The Lived-But-Yet-Named Southern
23 Karate The Roots And The Ruins Southern



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