Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 23 June 2002

Band Song Label
1 Six Feet Under One Bullet Left Metal Blade
2 Cannibal Corpse No Remorse Metal Blade
3 Majesty Fist Of Steel Massacre
4 DoomSword The Youth Of Finn MacCool Dragonheart
5 Firewind Warrior Massacre
6 Ektomorf Scum Silverdust
7 Dandy Warhols Every Day Should Be A Holiday Columbia
8 SMUS Mr Moto Amoeba
9 Def Dump Circle's Closing Self-Fulfillment
10 NCID Unity Is Right Fuck A Goat
11 Kafka Prometheus No!
12 My Little Cheap Dictaphone Lazy Dreamer Soundstation
13 Quetzal Let Them In Conspiracy
14 Dreaming In Red False (DIY)
15 Desdemonia Take Your Time (DIY)
16 Clean State Green River (DIY)
17 Mighty Gordinis Next Stop Pussyville (DIY)
18 In Extremo Merseburger Zaubersprüche Metal Blade
19 Butch & Jean Ike's Mister Blister (DIY)
20 Peter Hammill Handsfree Fie!
21 Stoner Kings Cosmic Dancer Massacre
22 Hoods Days In Hades Victory
23 Scanner Till The Ferryman Dies Massacre
23 Scanner Hallowed Be My Name Massacre
25 Scanner Flight Of The Eagle Massacre




1 ticket for Blues'n'Rock op der Buerg courtesy of the organisers

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