Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 June 2002

Band Song Label
1 Deceased Zombie Attack Relapse / Suburban
2 Andre Moraes Martírios Mascot
3 Bloodlet I Have Such A Hard Time Making New Friends Victory
4 Complete This Kiss Goodbye Last Effort
5 Victims Of Society Playboy Subscriber Funtime
6 Five Days Off Young Till I Die Funtime
7 Student Rick Any Way You Want It Victory
8 Shandon Sangue Funtime
9 Congaking Mädchen kommen immer zu spät Bong
10 Butch & Jean Butch And Cuz Plan The Weekend (DIY)
11 Peter Hammill Touch And Go Fie!
12 John Doe Thing Telephone By The Bed Twah!
13 Ex-Inferis Like A Dead Whisper... Criminal Hooks / Skipworth
14 The (International) Noise Conspiracy The Reproduction Of Death Burning Heart
15 Lewd Prank Barking At The Moon Tropical
16 Last Millenium Suckers The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You Winged Skull
17 Kitshickers A Quest Called Future, Part Two (DIY)
18 DoomSword Onward Into Battle (On The March Again) Dragonheart
19 DoomSword MCXIX Dragonheart
20 Warlord Battle Of The Living Dead Atrheia
21 Eidolon Within The Gates Metal Blade
22 Fetuxion Fucked Like A Pork With A Fork Morku



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