Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 July 2002

Band Song Label
1 Neurosis A Sun That Never Sets Relapse / Suburban
2 Complete 2:29 - The Sunday Diary Last Effort
3 dEFDUMp The World Burns And We Are Singing Songs Self-Fulfillment
4 Vehemence Made For Her Jesus Metal Blade
5 Fangorn Verdammt G.U.C.
6 Lividity A Woman's Place Is On My Face Morbid
7 Beyond The Embrace Embers Astray Metal Blade
8 Spirit Web Ghostly Chill Mausoleum
9 Powergod Courtroom Of Traitors Massacre
10 Wicked Mystic Silent Dance Mausoleum
11 Meduza I Will Rise Massacre
12 Lewd Prank Burning Tropical
13 Torpid Viva La Biva Own
14 Chief Mart's On Greed We Ponder Own
15 Peter Hammill The Printer Port Fie!
16 Butch & Jean Chevy's Sale (DIY)
17 Mick Thomas And The Sure Thing Hard Currency Twah!
18 Warlord Lucifer's Hammer Atrheia
19 Stoner Kings Cosmic Dancer Massacre
20 Stoner Kings Stonehenge Massacre
21 Stoner Kings Journey's End Massacre


Stoner Kings

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