Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 August 2002

Band Song Label
1 Hives Main Offender Burning Heart
2 Five Days Off Randy Funtime
3 Thursday Cross Out The Eyes Victory
4 dEFDUMp Cliché Self-Fulfillment
5 Kombat Please Die Last Effort
6 Ektomorf I Scream Up To The Sky Silverdust
7 Black Messiah Old Gods Last Episode
8 Catamenia Eskhata Massacre
9 Mortiis Parasite God Earache
10 Dreaming In Red False (DIY)
11 Clean State Consequence (DIY)
12 Carefree Utopia Winged Skull
13 Petrograd On A Promenade (DIY)
14 Propagandhi Oka Everywhere G7 Welcome Committee
15 As Friends Rust Austin, We Have A Problem Doghouse
16 Butch & Jean Butch And Cuz On Horseback (DIY)
17 Peter Hammill Trappings Virgin
18 Congaking Gute Fee Bong
19 Hank Banal Noiseworks
20 Deep Inside Myself Helpless Victim Silverdust
21 Eidolon Hunt You Down Metal Blade
22 Wicked Mystic Warhorse Mausoleum
23 Anguish N.E.W. Massacre
24 Anguish Obsidian Lies Massacre



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