Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 September 2002

Band Song Label
1 J. Zensiert Blues Explosion Bleib da wo der Radi wächst Flight 13
2 J.B.O. Ich will Lärm Lawine / Virgin
3 Da Loco Keina Lawine / Virgin
4 Dies Irae Incarnation Of Evil Metal Blade
5 Dim Mak Phoenix Eye Fist Mighty Music
6 Murder Corporation Survive Displeased
7 Deformity Samslaysman Displeased
8 Victims Of Society Trying To Be Different Funtime
9 Hanover Saints When The Truth Rings Out Facedown
10 Terrorgruppe Keine Airbags (für die CSU) Gringo / Metrononome
11 Rocket 350 That's Life Beatville
12 Shelter In Defense Of Reality Revelation
13 Lonely Kings Santa Cruz Fearless
14 Vader Epitaph Metal Blade
15 Decapitated Spheres Of Madness Earache
16 Dying Fetus Fornication Terrorist Morbid
17 Intervalle Bizarre After World Obliteration Relapse / Suburban
18 Travoltas Do It Again Roadrunner
19 As Friends Rust Perfect Stranglers Doghouse
20 Trial By Fire Process Of Elimination Jade Tree
21 Killtime My Girl (DIY)
22 Virulence Reptilian Triangle Morbid
23 Butch & Jean Ballet Parkin' (DIY)
24 Peter Hammill Two Or Three Spectres Charisma
25 Deep Inside Myself Endless Winter Silverdust
26 Deep Inside Myself Misjedgement Silverdust


Deep Inside Myself

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