Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 September 2002

Band Song Label
1 re-Vision Downfall B.Mind
2 Impelliteri Rock'n'Roll Heroes Steamhammer / SPV
3 Adam Bomb It's Only Rock'n'Roll Mausoleum
4 Axel Rudi Pell Tear Down The Walls Steamhammer / SPV
5 Grin Decision 120 (DIY)
6 Daylight Dies Hollow Hands Relapse / Suburban
7 Falling Cycle Rose Adore Facedown
8 Absolute Defiance Maggot Infestor Displeased
9 Berzerker Pain Earache
10 Sound Surgery Programmed Seeing Ear
11 Wollongong Stars They Are Born, Stars They Die Noiseworks
12 Bolk Regret Noiseworks
13 Autumnblaze Mute Boy Sad Girl Prophecy Productions
14 Tocotronic This Boy Is Tocotronic L'Age D'Or
15 Ingo Appelt Das böse Wort mit F EMI
16 Butch & Jean Closin' (DIY)
17 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill To Know Fie!
18 Rosebud Good Morning Recrec
19 W:AX Never Back Noiseworks
20 Dear Love Rain M.N.W.
21 High Kites Photographer Noiseworks
22 Union Youth Planet Of Pity Eastwest
23 Peacocks Can You Tell Me Tomato Head
24 Snapcase Cadence Victory
25 Snapcase First Word Victory
26 Snapcase A Synthesis Of Victory



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