Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 17 November 2002

1 Last Millenium Suckers Dropdead Gorgeous Winged Skull
2 Petrograd Song For Jessie Christopher's Records
3 Bitume Egoist Vitaminepillen
4 Third Season Left Alone Funtime
5 Dead To Fall Cost Of A Good Impression Victory
6 Cattle Decapitation Land Of The Severed Meatus Metal Blade
7 Sayyadina Stagnation Relapse / Suburban
8 Meshuggah Stengah Nuclear Blast
9 Dim Mak Den Of The Avalanche Dragon Mighty Music
10 Taetre Destroy The Dreamvoid Mighty Music
11 Ninnghizhidda Mistress Of The Night Displeased
12 Beholder Ultimate Elimination Dragonheart
13 Ashes You Leave Hurt Morbid
14 Poshblokes New World Order Winged Skull
15 Cellophane Suckers Already Fucked Up Subway
16 Munchy Bitch (DIY)
17 Butch & Jean Habanero's RV's (DIY)
18 Peter Hammill Crossed Wires Fie!
19 Tony Hernando At The Crossroads Lion
20 Under Radio Spinningwheels Lion
21 Luca Turilli I'm Alive Limb
22 Zed Yago Fear Of Death Steamhammer / SPV
23 Amon Amarth Versus The World Metal Blade
24 Amon Amarth Down The Slopes Of Death Metal Blade
25 Amon Amarth 1000 Years Of Oppression Metal Blade


Amon Amarth

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