Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 November 2002

1 Fleshcrawl Soulskinner Metal Blade
2 Lack When Even The Most Honest Of Emotions Turns Into A Commodity... Nova Recordings
3 Lowbrow Enforcer Massacre
4 J. Church Hawaii Christopher's Records
5 Dina-3 Der Mann der niemals lachte (DIY)
6 Elektrolochmann Perfect TransSolar
7 Reunion Show On A Scale From One To Awesome (You're Pretty Great) Victory
8 Sky Promise Rain 40 Pages Plain Millipede
9 River City Rebels Such A Bore Victory
10 Squall Traktor Trailer Silver Rocket
11 Peter Hammill Unrehearsed Fie!
12 Butch & Jean Medley: Bright Lights Big City, You Got Me Running (DIY)
13 Bambix Frankie Vitaminepillen
14 Lawrence Arms The First Eviction Notice Fat Wreck
15 Poshblokes We Appreciate Winged Skull
16 Dead To Fall Eternal Gates Of Hell Victory
17 Buck Second Place Is The First Loser Kasual
18 Mortal Love Crave Your Love Massacre
19 Keziah Jones Man With The Scar Delabel
20 Daylight Dies I Wait Relapse / Suburban
21 Daylight Dies Minutes Pass Relapse / Suburban


Daylight Dies

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