Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 February 2003

1 Crown Under The Whip Metal Blade
2 Tourniquet Where Moth And Rust Destroy Metal Blade
3 Exhibition Before The End Of Time Limb
4 Mattsson Victim Of Freedom Lion
5 Pagan's Mind Aegean Shores Limb
6 Cydonia One Last Crime Metal Blade
7 Racer X Dr. X Mascot
8 Gun Barrel Lonely Rider Limb
9 Lord Weird Slough Feg Gene-ocide Dragonheart
10 Galloglass Legends From Now And Nevermore Limb
11 Bellrays Kill The Messenger Vital Gesture
12 Lucky Sperms All The While Jagjaguwar
13 Peter Hammill This Is The Fall Fie!
14 Count The Stars Brand New Skin Victory
15 Last Millenium Suckers Empty Head Winged Skull
16 Pn Last Salute To A First Commitment Funtime
17 Michael Monroe Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye Steamhammer / SPV
18 Hellion Will Not Go Quietly Massacre
19 Hellion (Welcome) To My Humble Home Massacre


Hellion (Part 1)

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