Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 March 2003

1 Cannibal Corpse Hatchet To The Head Metal Blade
2 Blood Penalty Morbid
3 9tGrind The Namable (DIY)
4 Aurora Borealis Sky Burial Diehard
5 Sworn Vengeance The Trooper Battlescarred
6 Neuraxis Impulse Morbid
7 All Evil Eye Of The Tiger (DIY)
8 Seventh Avenue Burning Heart Massacre
9 Total Eclipse Frozen In Time Limb
10 Pagan's Mind …Of Epic Questions Limb
11 Standstill Sunrise People In Sunset Days Bcore
12 Oliver Twist Let's Shorten The Distance To The Sun Nova
13 Quetzal Let Them In Conspiracy
14 Narayan Neon Genesis Winged Skull
15 Tough Beans Donde Queremos Divertirnos Winged Skull
16 Van Der Graaf Generator W Virgin
17 Daniel Johnston And You Love It Stress
18 Sloggy Pirate Radio Hell On Wheels
19 Edenbridge Skyward Massacre
20 Edenbridge Red Ball In Blue Sky Massacre




CD Tales From The Winged Skull courtesy of Winged Skull Records

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