Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 April 2003

1 Foggy Bottom Black Darts
2 Ophidian Messiah (DIY)
3 Ophidian Roads (DIY)
4 Megace Repetition Of Human Errors 1MF
5 Ophidian Fall (DIY)
6 Galloglass A Wintertale Limb Music
7 Ophidian Serenity (DIY)
8 Chinchilla Our Destiny Metal Blade
9 Poshblokes Liberate Winged Skull
10 Danny And The Nightmares Adventures Of God As A Young Boy (DIY)
11 Peter Hammill We Are Written Fie!
12 Septic Flesh Faust Hammerheart
13 Rusty Cooley Under The Influence Lion
14 Callenish Circle Dwelling In Disdain Metal Blade
15 Gurd Decision Diehard
16 Cage Chupacabra Massacre



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