Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 May 2003

1 Freebase Suicide Note Hardboiled / Diehard
2 d-fact Set (Divert From The Dying) Millewee
3 d-fact Emotions Millewee
4 Freya Negative Infinity Victory
5 d-fact Don't Deny What They Ask Millewee
6 d-fact Like Smart Poetry Millewee
7 Meshuggah Future Breed Machine Nuclear Blast
8 Indecision Shadowboxing Wreck-Age
9 M.D.E. Chaostage Winged Skull
10 Circle Of Friends Out Of Control Jacobiberg
11 Darkest Hour Marching To The Killing Rhythm Victory
12 God Machine The Piano Song Fiction
13 Romeo Is Bleeding Divine Masquerade Plastik Culture
14 Caliban Forsaken Horizon Lifeforce
15 Genocide Superstars In Misery Embraced Relapse / Suburban
16 Dina-3 Der Mann der niemals lachte (DIY)
17 Dina-3 Licht & Immergrün (DIY)
18 Dina-3 Dein Herz ist eine Mördergrube (DIY)


d-fact, Dina-3


1 CD the natural kind of views by d-fact courtesy of d-fact

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