Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 June 2003

1 John Doe Thing Too Many Goddamn Bands Twah!
2 Les Dickinsons Under A Wandering Star What's So Funny About
3 September Mr You (DIY)
4 Good Witch Of The South Anybody Knows Mainstream
5 Jesus Kid Canaveral Man sagt sich, was man weiß Red Can
6 Lato Until Tomorrow (Mia's Song) Firestation Tower
7 Petrograd Jenga (DIY)
8 Mojo Nixon I Like Marijuana Needletime
9 Karnak My Enchanting Normality Twelfth Planet
10 Infidel / Castro? The 49-Day Period Between Lives Ricecontrol
11 Daniel Johnston Blue Cloud Stress
12 Peter Hammill Where The Mouth Is Rockport
13 Ikara Colt One Note Fantastic Plastic
14 Valina Ship To Escape Trost / Conspiracy
15 Liebejung Du bist ein Star Tumbleweed
16 Willkommen Zuhause Laika The Society Of Hairtesting What's So Funny About
17 Cornelius Another Viewpoint Matador
18 Lord Bishop's Rockadelic Kings Great Ass Noiseworks
19 Lyssa Koponya Noiseworks
20 As I Lay Dying Collision Metal Blade
21 Gurd Razorblade Diehard
22 Gurd A New War Diehard
23 Gurd Club Of Lies Diehard



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