Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 June 2003

1 Stoner Kings Cosmic Dancer Massacre
2 End Of Green Dying In Moments Silverdust
3 Elektrolochmann Both Of Us Transsolar / Conspiracy
4 27 Trouble Heart Kimchee / Conspiracy
5 Daniel Johnston Blue Clouds Stress
6 Last Millenium Suckers Standing Ovulations Winged Skull
7 Last Millenium Suckers Empty Head Winged Skull
8 Vikky Sixx Run (DIY)
9 Last Millenium Suckers O Fortuna! Winged Skull
10 Consumed Not Today BYO
11 White Circle Crime Club People Sound Conspiracy
12 Poshblokes Tchernobyl Winged Skull
13 Last Millenium Suckers No Brain = No Pain Winged Skull
14 Van der Graaf Generator White Hammer Charisma
15 Last Millenium Suckers Beggars Can't Be Choosers Winged Skull
16 Darkest Hour Pay Phones And Pills Victory
17 Black Dahlia Murder When The Last Grave Has Emptied Metal Blade
18 Theory Of Ruin Missives On A Recurring Theme Escape Artist / Conspiracy
19 Septic Flesh Mechanical Babylon Hammerheart


Last Millennium Suckers


1 CD Oestrogene Overdose courtesy of The Last Millennium Suckers

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