Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 July 2003

1 Carefree Cubism Winged Skull
2 Torchous Neus Sinnbus
3 Monostars In die Vereinigten Staaten What's So Funny About
4 The Sound Of Money That's The Sound Of Money What's So Funny About
5 Xandria Isis / Osiris Drakkar
6 Virgin Black And The Kiss Of God's Mouth Massacre
7 Bloodflowerz Wild Heart Silverdust
8 Alchemist Solarburn Relapse / Suburban
9 Catamenia Lost In Bitterness Massacre
10 Cryptic Wintermoon Messiah Massacre
11 Daniel Johnston Burn Baby Burn Stress
12 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill Wise Men Fie!
13 La Sega Del Canto Onnelliset Humppa / Tug
14 Grae J. Wall with Andy "K-Bone" Keeble Walking In Paris 9PM
15 The Men They Couldn't Hang The Sunrise Twah!
16 One Bar Town Line Dance Punk Rock Lesbian Twah!
17 Fu Manchu Godzilla Steamhammer / SPV
18 Mad X-Ray No Water Noiseworks
19 Mad X-Ray Easy Strong Noiseworks
20 Mad X-Ray Snow Noiseworks


Mad X-Ray


1 CD Austral Alien by Alchemist courtesy of Relapse Records

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