Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 August 2003

1 Bitch Alert Heroine Gaga Goodies
2 John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey Taut Island
3 Robocop Kraus Fashion L'Age D'Or
4 Melrose It's In The Bag Johanna Kustannus
5 Kool Ade Acid Test Lesbian Girls Hazelwood
6 Elektrolochmann Remake My Day TransSolar
7 Mill Laundromat Blu Noise / One Take
8 Iggy Pop Wild America Virgin
9 Peter Hammill You Can't Want What You Always Get... If You Haven't Got It Yet Fie!
10 Mars Arizona Voyeur SBS
11 Light The Fuse And Run Ghost Town Level Plane
12 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal Choose Day After
13 Subway Arts Bow To No One Skunk
14 Dina 3 Heute TEXXXAS - Morgen die Welt (DIY)
15 Fantômas Charade Ipecac
16 Daniel Johnston Casper Stress
17 Zack Ahoi Verloren No More Heroes
18 Boy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart What's So Funny About
19 Sans Secours She Went Down Community
20 Skinless Deathwork Relapse / Suburban
21 Skinless From Sacrifice To Survival Relapse / Suburban
22 Skinless The Frontline Of Sanity Relapse / Suburban



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