Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 September 2003

1 Dies Irae Incarnation Of Evil Metal Blade
2 C Bristol Connection Noiseworks
3 Vader Shape-Shifting Metal Blade
4 Daddy Longleg Polarity Falling Down
5 Harmony Dies Subliminal Morbid
6 Bambix Monozygotic Vitaminepillen
7 Morbid Angel Stricken Arise Earache
8 Noir Désir Les Ecorchés (Sloy Mix) Barclay
9 Sodom Agent Orange Steamhammer / SPV
10 Dionysos Poe-M L'Age D'Or
11 Skinless Don't Risk Infection Relapse / Suburban
12 Audio Bullys We Don't Care Source
13 Beyond The Sixth Seal Idol In Human Form Lifeforce
14 Soon Are We Getting Closer? Funtime
15 Peter Hammill Your Tall Ship Fie!
16 Jad Fair And Daniel Johnston Casper The Friendly Ghost 50 Skidillion Watts
17 Petrograd Reminder (DIY)
18 Senseless Apocalypse Progress Relapse / Suburban
19 Mad X-Ray Blue Shock Secrets Noiseworks
20 L'Point Valium Noiseworks
21 Ememvoodoopöka Desperado Noiseworks


Karsten Zinsik (Noiseworks Records)


1x CD Skinless - From Sacrifice To Survival courtesy of Relapse Records

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