Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 September 2003

1 Mistaken Piece Of My Youth Quartermain
2 Kitshickers Never Again Winged Skull
3 Kitshickers Roquefort Winged Skull
4 Killtime Monsters Behind The Screen Winged Skull
5 Kitshickers Summer Rage Song Winged Skull
6 Awful Noise Plateau (Advance)
7 Kitshickers We Scream Winged Skull
8 Days In Grief A Nation's Distrust WAIN
9 Red Chord That Certain Special Ugly Robotic Empire
10 Kitshickers Death Match Winged Skull
11 Ganesha Mise un (DIY)
12 Daniel Johnston Casper The Friendly Ghost Stress
13 Bellybutton Lower Case Characters (DIY)
14 Mill Sweltry Blu Noise / One Take
15 Mill Nudge Blu Noise / One Take
16 Mill Spacebar Blu Noise / One Take


Kitshickers, Mill

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