Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 October 2003

1 Reunion Show New Rock Revolution Victory
2 Desert Sessions Powered Wig Machine Island
3 Ya Basta! Lucha Y Fiesta Basta Banda
4 Streetlight Manifesto Everything Went Numb Victory
5 Peaches Kick It XL
6 Electric Turn To Me Watch Out For The Witch No Quarter
7 Daniel Johnston Chord Organ Blues Stress
8 Kills Fried My Little Brains Domino
9 Killtime Who's The Girl With The 28 T-Shirt Winged Skull
10 Ganesha A Pure Moment Of Happiness (DIY)
11 Elastica Generator BBC
12 King Diamond The Puppet Master Massacre
12 Sulaco Follow The Cloud Relapse / Suburban
13 Disfear Rat Race Relapse / Suburban
14 Desaparecidos Happiest Place On Earth Saddle Creek
15 Estrepito Thoughtless Millewee
16 Darkest Hour Marching To The Killing Rhythm Victory
17 A.18 Broke The Blue Victory
18 Ex-Inferis Like A Dead Whisper… Skipworth
19 Nine Inch Nails Hurt Nothing / Interscope
20 Johnny Cash Hurt American
21 Burst Sculpt The Lives Relapse / Suburban
23 Klang Siamese Boycott
24 Remember Twilight Der Wahnsinn lebt (DIY)
25 Remember Twilight K.O. (DIY)
26 Remember Twilight Wirklichkeit verstehen (DIY)


Remember Twilight

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