Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 November 2003

1 Raging Speedhorn Me And You Man Steamhammer / SPV
2 Lord Bishop Devil Inside Noiseworks
3 Lonehawk Shut Up And Stay Kadash Leather
4 Chaos am RE Myself Stop AIDS Now
5 Lower Forty-Eight Increase The Treble Monotreme
6 Snowdogs Popstars (Love This!) Victory
7 Matchbook Romance Your Stories, My Alibis Epitaph
8 Guv'nors Can't Get A Job Lucky Seven / Diehard
9 Burnt By The Sun 180 Proof Relapse / Suburban
10 Mass Trapped Under A Ice Monotreme
11 Between The Buried And Me Mordecai Victory
12 Luxus Iaka Zulu (DIY)
13 Jad Fair And Daniel Johnston Come Back Jagjaguwar
14 Monno Torboyau Subdeviant / Conspiracy
15 Immense Hidden Between Sleeves Conspiracy
16 Alchimie Zé Glisse (DIY)
17 Dina 3 Bewegung - Energie - Schub (DIY)
18 Kassierer Meister aller Fotzen Teenage Rebel
19 Minusmen Black Heart Youth (DIY)
20 Harmful Open End Steamhammer / SPV
21 Harmful Overfed Steamhammer / SPV
22 Harmful I Remember You Steamhammer / SPV



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