Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 28 December 2003

1 Clean State Consequence (DIY)
2 Clean State Organ Inc. (DIY)
3 The End Fetesque Relapse / Suburban
4 Chimaira Cleansation Roadrunner
5 Clean State Resurrection (DIY)
6 Trivium If I Could Collapse The Masses Lifeforce
7 Pearl Jam Green Disease Sony
8 Burst Crystal Asunder Relapse / Suburban
9 Lord Bishop And The Rockadelic Kings Devil Inside Noiseworks
10 The Mass Major Strip Monotreme
11 Lower Forty-Eight Unrequested Fission Surplus Monotreme
12 Chief Mart's Glossy Neon Sharktea
13 Phantom Something Like Elvis Post_Post
14 Clean State Chase The Darkness (DIY)
15 Soilwork Distortion Sleep Nuclear Blast
16 Disfear Never Gonna Last Relapse / Suburban
17 All Out War Two Thousand Years Victory


Clean State


1 CD by The Mass courtesy of Monotreme Records
1 CD by Lower Forty-Eight courtesy of Monotreme Records
1 CD by Chief Mart's courtesy of themselves
1 CD by Lord Bishop courtesy of himself

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